ISO 9001:2000


We manufacture high precision tooling components such as connector mold inserts, dies, punches, jigs and fixtures for the electronics and semiconductor industries. We also offer precision mold fabrication to serve our customers in the plastic molding and disc drive industries as well.

Precision tooling production for affordable and fast precision solutions

We also offer injection molding capabilities to produce precision engineering parts.

Plastic injection molding machine which makes plastic components

With engineering capabilities in tool design, tool building, product design and injection molding, we offer you fully customized services, quick turnaround time, best value for money and a lasting commitment to quality. Our manufacturing processes are certified to ISO 9001:2000 standards.

Making small and precise high precision molds for high-end use

To complement our existing manufacturing services, we offer you complete design and development services for your automation projects. What this means is we help design, offer duplication services and help integrate it with your existing project. We even help train your employees if needed.


Talk to us if you need any of the below products and services:

  • Designing jigs and fixtures, equipment and machines
  • Integrating control system and software programming
  • Fabricating machine parts and engineering parts
  • Designing mold and die sets, including fabrication
  • Assembling and installing commissioned automation projects
  • Integration of monitoring system
  • Integration of electrical wiring system
  • Training and after sales servicing for customers
Or view our die punches, profile punches and plastic molded part products.